Problems we're solving

1 April 2017

One of our mantras is "made on demand, made simple" and if we are to have any hope of achieving this, we must solve a broad spectrum of problems for our clients.

Sourcing the world's best print on demand manufacturing partners is slow, frustrating and difficult.

First, you need to kiss a lot of frogs: contacting dozens and dozens of potential partners; the best of which are often only known to industry insiders with many years of domain experience.

Once your targets are finally identified you need to order numerous samples to test product quality and packaging standards. An expensive and time consuming process. And one which must be repeated frequently to ensure standards remain consistent.

When you've short-listed your preferred suppliers you next must negotiate pricing for every item; often with little in the way of any previous sales traction needed to ensure the most competitive pricing.

When pricing is finally agreed, you must integrate your ecommerce systems with numerous different manufacturing APIs; many of which are technically crude and which rarely share any consistencies between them.

If you're integrating with more than a single partner, you also need to develop sophisticated functionality to manage the distribution of orders (your order "firehose") across your fulfilment network.

Once you're finally integrated and ready to pass orders you'll also need to:

In addition to these operational and technical complexities you need to solve numerous problems associated with:

And if you operating globally, all of the above must be conducted in multiple languages.

We've designed our business to make all these problems disappear.

Prodigi is a single platform with all the services and features you need to launch and scale a global print on demand business.

We abstract the complexity inherent in the drop-shipping model behind a simple API, Shopify app and online order form so that you can focus on building a great business.